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Repair, Modification & Modernization


Modification: Activity which involve to change or alter the physical dimension of the equipment.

Modernization: Activity which involve to upgrade systems or equipment to improve reliability and effectiveness


Since late 1980s, quay crane revolve from Panamax, Post Panamax, Super Post Panamax and the latest crane are Triple E class. The term ‘of crane revolution shown its capability to handle capacity of container and cater bigger vessel with higher container row. Repair job are common task for all crane from older class Panamax up to latest class of Triple E class (EEE) due to wear and tear issues, lacking of preventive maintenance or spare part quality issues. Most of repair work in port equipment business as per below:

Gantry – replacement of sensor, alignment of gantry wheel, adjustment of gantry brake, rectification of rail clamp and servicing of gantry motor.

Trolley – Alignment of trolley wheel & rail, sheave repair, replacement of wheel guide, wirerope replacement, brake adjustment and motor servicing.

Hoist – wirerope replacement, loadcell calibration, brake adjustment & servicing, sheave & guide replacement and various sensor replacement.

Boom – wirerope replacement, boom pin inspection & repair, boom latch repair and various sensor replacement.


Crane modernization and modification’ refer to procedure for upgrading cranes to enhance their performance, reliability and safety. It can involve the alteration of dimensions, upgrades or replacement of old or worn electrical and mechanical components. For quay crane, it can be drive change, height increase, span change, increase outreach and increase safe working load (SWL) while for RTG (Rubber Tyred Gantry), most common modernization are drive change, height increase and electrification either using hybrid engine or electric bus bar. Previous version crane usually facing below issues: i. Insufficient lift height ii. Insufficient outreach iii. Outdated drive and control systems iv. Slow operating speeds As result, crane owner only have choice either to dispose the old crane and replace with cranes or modernize & modify to newer class specification according to operation needs.


Global Port Group of Companies offer the following improvements which deem best solution from both an engineering and economic standpoint: